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At Convince, we solve complex sales challenges, develop compelling sales campaigns and build bespoke tools which help our B2B clients consistently sell more. Scroll down to find out more

Helping Sell: Software to shipping operators

In order to help sell Voyager 7 software from GNS, rather than creating an ignorable demo page, our tool enabled users to tailor their demo based on their priorities. We created email campaigns and managed their lead generation.


The demo tailoring tool saw an average email open rate of 40% and within the first 2 months had generated over £150,000 worth of new business

Helping Sell: Training to IFAs

We created a ‘Business Builder’ tool so IFAs were able to assess individual areas in their own business and in-turn join relevent training and networking events. We coached the sales team on using the phone and created a range of compelling emails to share the tool following conferences and networking.


Bookings onto the Adviser Academy, via our Business Builder tool, increased by a whopping 45%.

Helping Sell: Software to Marketing Directors

In the incredibly competitive market of social media technology, we developed a tool for Onalytica to engage with marketing directors and assess their own approach to influencer marketing and learn how to improve.


Within 3 months, the assessment tool had achieved a 27% open rate, 11% direct response rate and Onalytica had won 2 major new clients.

Helping Sell: Funds to IFAs

We created, a digital tool that enabled advisers from Russell Investments to sell new funds directly to IFAs, by self-diagnosing current shortfalls in their service. The tool enabled instant engagement with new IFAs.

Result generated 26 new relationships with advisers in the first few weeks.

How we sell

Our approach

All sales problems are human centered, as such, we approach all sales challenges using empathy and a clear definition of the goal, ensuring our ideas and implementation consistently outperform industry averages.

Our use of clever digital design not only guarantees your buyers enjoy interacting with you, but it enables the collection of unique information which can be fed into your sales team.

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Who we help sell

Core team

Helen Kensett

Helen has worked in B2B sales for 16 years developing compelling propositions and campaigns for hundreds of B2B firms. She is the author of best seller Sales Mind.


Having created a wide range of campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands over the past 16 years, Stephen oversees all of our design and digital builds.


Siobhan is our chief data manager and oversees all of our lead generation campaigns and manages a team of Account Managers.

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